Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Six science fiction utopias where we’d all be better off

Sam Reader is a writer and conventions editor for The Geek Initiative. He also writes literary criticism and reviews at One of six sci-fi utopias where we’d rather be living that he tagged at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog:
Mattapoisett, Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy

Connie Ramos, the heroine of Woman on the Edge of Time, constantly sees glimpses of an androgynous young woman named Luciente, who tells her of a time when most of the ills of the world are gone; people are treated with dignity regardless of their gender, race, or sexuality; and humans live in a communal agrarian society. Again, like every utopia on here, it isn’t perfect (probably because we’d question a perfect utopia), since they still have war and the death penalty (because, as Luciente herself says, “We don’t think it’s right to kill…only convenient.”) In spite of that, a truly just society still sounds like an ideal goal. Let’s hope we get there.
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--Marshal Zeringue