Thursday, November 17, 2016

Six top YA reads with villains in the lead

At the BN Teen blog Sona Charaipotra tagged six top YA novels with a villain as the hero of the story, including:
Heartless, by Marissa Meyer

What makes a villain who they are? That’s the question Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles series, digs into in Heartless, an Alice in Wonderland retelling from the perspective of the Queen of Hearts. Young Catherine hardly has her sights set on the crown. Nope, she’s a simple girl with simple goals: to be a baker, and fall in love. And she does, with Jest, a court joker. But her mother and the royals have different plans for Cath, and the result will be a devastation that turns her into the heartless Queen of Wonderland we all love to hate.
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--Marshal Zeringue