Monday, July 06, 2015

Ten top YA books about teen pregnancy

The Baby, Lisa Drakeford's first novel, was shortlisted for the (London) Times / Chicken House children’s fiction competition 2014. One of her top ten Young Adult books about teen pregnancy, as shared at the Guardian:
Trouble by Non Pratt

I loved this. It’s as up to date as you can get. Contemporary writing, language, setting and situation. Fifteen-year-old Hannah finds out she’s pregnant and is not willing to give the identity of the father. Aaron, a new boy at school offers to assume the role instead. The book is written from both points of view. I love Aaron for his cleverness and his sensitivity, but it’s Hannah’s character I really admire. Non Pratt gets her just right. I’ve seen so many Hannahs in schools over the years: impulsive, chaotic, impetuous, feisty, funny but incredibly likeable. And I’m also impressed with the way the author covers friendship. The relationships in Trouble are complicated and full of teenage laws which are broken, mended and re-broken. So realistic, so insightful, so clever.
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--Marshal Zeringue