Monday, July 06, 2015

Coffee with a canine: Kate Charles & Rosie

Featured at Coffee with a Canine: Kate Charles & Rosie.

The author, on how she and Rosie were united:
We lost our last dog, a Patterdale terrier, to heart disease way too young. It was the first time in over 30 years that our home was without a dog – we’d always had overlapping dogs before, but Gemma was much happier as an ‘only dog’. We did our research and decided that a Border Terrier would suit our temperaments and life-style. I kept my eye on various internet puppy sites, and when I spotted a litter which had been born on the day Gemma died, I...[read on]
About  False Tongues, the latest Callie Anson Mystery by Kate Charles, from the publisher:
The Reverend Callie Anson should have learned her lesson by now: revisiting the past is seldom a good idea. But she succumbs to peer pressure and attends a reunion at her theological college in Cambridge, where she is forced to confront painful memories – and the presence of her clueless ex, Adam.

Margaret Phillips, the Principal of the college, has a chance for happiness but before she can grasp it she has to deal with her own ghosts – as well as corrosive, intrusive gossip. Both Margaret and Callie learn something about themselves, and about forgiveness, from wise retired priest John Kingsley.

Meanwhile, in London, police officers Neville Stewart and Mark Lombardi are involved with the latest stabbing of a teenager. Was the victim – gifted, popular schoolboy Sebastian Frost – all he seemed to be, or was there something in his life that led inevitably to his death? The police find themselves plunged into the queasy world of cyber-bullying, where nothing may be as it seems.

While they’re apart, Callie and Mark’s relationship is on hold, and his Italian family continues to be an issue. Will Mark realize, before it’s too late, that while his family will always be important to him, he is entitled to something for himself?
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Coffee with a Canine: Kate Charles & Rosie.

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