Monday, July 04, 2011

What is Meg Mitchell Moore reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Meg Mitchell Moore, author of The Arrivals.

Her entry begins:
Currently I’m reading Long Drive Home by Will Allison. The premise is absolutely riveting. A suburban dad, driving his first-grader home from school one day, jerks the steering wheel of his car in front of an oncoming vehicle; he’s trying to scare the teenage driver, with whom he’d had a near run-in just moments before, but his actions cause the other driver to crash and die at the scene. I’m about halfway through, as the narrator’s life is beginning to unravel while he tries to protect his family by keeping his role in the accident a secret. The writing is very strong, and it’s a lean, spare book, just over 200 pages, that manages to pack a real punch and forces the reader to...[read on]
Among the early praise for The Arrivals:
“The novel is told from multiple points of view, always a tricky maneuver. But Moore handles the shifts in perspective with ease, nimbly evoking the reader's sympathy for each family member."
--Entertainment Weekly

"In her uplifting debut novel, "The Arrivals," Meg Mitchell Moore charmingly examines what happens when adult children return to the familiar fold of the family home in search of solid footing when their own lives begin to falter."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"Meg Mitchell Moore's perceptive first novel becomes a moving story about conflicted adult children who are still learning how to be grown-ups."
--AARP Magazine

“Moore finds a crisp narrative in the morass of an overpacked household, and she keeps the proceedings moving with an assurance and outlook reminiscent of Laurie Colwin, evoking emotional universals with the simplest of observations, as in 'the peace you feel when you are awake in a house where children are sleeping.'”
--Publishers Weekly
Learn more about the book and author at Meg Mitchell Moore's website.

Writers Read: Meg Mitchell Moore.

--Marshal Zeringue