Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Seven top books featuring frightening fungi

Vanessa Armstrong is a book lover and writer. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog Penny, her daughter Maddie, and her husband Jon.

At Vulture she tagged seven "delicious sporror books to check out if you’re hankering for another tale [like The Last of Us] based on fungal fears." One title on the list:
Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig

At 775 pages, Wanderers is a honker of a book, made that much more so given it’s the first in a duology. The novel, which has understandably been compared to Stephen King’s The Stand, starts out when some people inexplicably enter a trance-like state where they perpetually sleepwalk toward some unknown destination. The Walkers, as they’re called, cause societal upheaval, and things only get worse when a fungal infection called White Mask threatens to kill all of humanity. We follow these cataclysmic events through a handful of those affected, and the mystery of the sleepwalkers eventually unfolds as the story progresses and more succumb to a fungal death.

Shroom Score: 6/10 spores. White Mask plays a pivotal role in the book but there are other post-apocalyptic shenanigans that make death by fungus only one of many issues its characters face.
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Wanderers is among Mark Skinner's ten top reads for Stranger Things fans.

--Marshal Zeringue