Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Q&A with Liam Callanan

From my Q&A with Liam Callanan, author of When in Rome: A Novel:

About the book, from the publisher:
How much work does your title do to take readers into the story?

In When in Rome, 52-year-old Claire Murphy heads to Rome to help some American nuns there sell their crumbling convent—built for 300, it only houses 3 (and at least one ghost). Once there, though, she falls in love with the city, the convent, and most unexpectedly, the nuns' life—so much so that she considers joining their ranks. Just then, her old college flame shows up. What to do? Well, when in Rome...

What's in a name?

The names in this book come from a variety of sources—friends, family, and some, out of the blue. The name of the protagonist's daughter, Dorothy, comes from...[read on]
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Q&A with Liam Callanan.

--Marshal Zeringue