Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Pg. 99: Phyllis Vine's "Fighting for Recovery"

Featured at the Page 99 Test: Fighting for Recovery: An Activists' History of Mental Health Reform by Phyllis Vine.

About the book, from the publisher:
An essential history of the recovery movement for people with mental illness, and an inspiring account of how former patients and advocates challenged a flawed system and encouraged mental health activism

This definitive people’s history of the recovery movement spans the 1970s to the present day and proves to readers just how essential mental health activism is to every person in this country, whether you have a current psychiatric diagnosis or not.

In Fighting for Recovery, professor and mental health advocate Phyllis Vine tells the history of the former psychiatric patients, families, and courageous activists who formed a patients’ liberation movement that challenged medical authority and proved to the world that recovery from mental illness is possible. Mental health discussions have become more common in everyday life, but there are still enormous numbers of people with psychiatric illness in jails and prisons or who are experiencing homelessness – proving there is still progress to be made.
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The Page 99 Test: Fighting for Recovery.

--Marshal Zeringue