Saturday, July 09, 2022

Alex Temblador's "Half Outlaw," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Half Outlaw by Alex Temblador.

The entry begins:
Half Outlaw is a story about a half-Mexican, half white woman named Raqi who was raised by her uncle Dodge after her parents died when she was four. Dodge has a substance abuse problem and runs drugs and guns for his outlaw motorcycle club, the Lawless. The book alternates between Raqi’s childhood and the present setting of 1990 when Raqi is a successful lawyer in Los Angeles. Dodge has just died, and she’s asked by Billy, the Lawless leader, to go on a cross-country motorcycle ride in honor of Dodge and meet people along the route. Raqi only agrees to go, in exchange for the address of her Mexican grandfather, whom she didn’t know existed.

In the novel, Raqi is depicted at many ages in her life from four years old to thirty-one years old, but for this exercise, I’ll just focus on ‘adult Raqi.’ I always pictured her being played by someone like Michelle Rodriguez or even Stephanie Beatriz – tough Latina women who would look comfortable on a Harley motorcycle. Though I also like Alyssa Diaz and Mayra Leal, both of whom are closer in age to Raqi.

This might be a little crazy, but I could see...[read on]
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My Book, The Movie: Half Outlaw.

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