Thursday, April 21, 2022

What is Tim Pratt reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Tim Pratt, author of Prison of Sleep: Book II of the Journals of Zaxony Delatree.

The entry begins:
I enjoyed a couple of the Harlan Coben adaptation shows on Netflix, and had never read any of his books, so I went to my library site and picked up what they had on hand. That turned out to be mostly the Myron Bolitar series, so I read those (and the newish spin-off, Win, about one of the supporting characters), about a dozen books in all. I love long-running private-eye series (in this case a quasi-amateur PI; Myron is a sports agent with a small background in investigation who gets entangled in various sorts of criminal complications). The structure of standalone stories with ongoing character development across the series always delights me.

The Platonic ideal of the long-running private-eye series, of course, is...[read on]
About Prison of Sleep, from the publisher:
Every time Zaxony Delatree falls asleep he wakes up on a new world. Now Zax has been joined once again by Ana, a companion he thought he left behind long ago. Ana is one of the Sleepers, a group of fellow travellers between worlds. Ana tells Zax that he is unknowingly host to a parasitic alien that exists partly in his blood and partly between dimensions. The chemical that the alien secretes is what allows Zax to travel. Every time he does, however, the parasite grows, damaging the fabric of the universes. Ana is desperate to recruit Zax to her cause and stop the alien.

But there are others who are using the parasite too, such as the cult who serve the Prisoner – an entity trapped in the dimension between universes. Can Zax, Minna, Ana and the other Sleepers band together and stop them?
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Writers Read: Tim Pratt (October 2019).

Writers Read: Tim Pratt.

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