Friday, April 01, 2022

Seven notable sets of frenemies in film and fiction

Jody Gehrman is a native of Northern California, where she can be found writing, teaching, reading, or obsessing over her three cats most days. She is also the author of numerous award-winning plays and novels, including The Girls Weekend.

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Gehrman's new novel is The Summer We Buried.

Her Young Adult novel Babe in Boyland was optioned by the Disney Channel and won the International Reading Association's Teen Choice Award.

Gehrman's plays have been produced in Ashland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and L.A. She and her partner David Wolf won the New Generation Playwrights Award for their one-act, Jake Savage, Jungle P.I.

She is a professor of English and Communications at Mendocino College.

At CrimeReads, Gehrman tagged seven favorite "books and films that illustrate why frenemies are here to stay," including:
Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

If you haven’t yet sampled the pleasures of Joshilyn Jackson’s musical prose, this addictive thriller is a great introduction to her work. Suburban moms at a book club provide an unlikely, prosaic backdrop for an enigmatic stranger, Angelica Roux, who immediately introduces an element of danger to their staid lives. Roux proceeds to torture the protagonist by threatening to reveal sordid secrets from her past. The cat-and-mouse dynamic between these two very different but equally formidable women is exhilarating. Rumor has it a TV adaptation is in the works.
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--Marshal Zeringue