Friday, January 12, 2018

Ten top books about time

Alan Burdick is the author of Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation. One of his ten favorite books about time, as shared at the Guardian:
The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad

On 15 February 1894, a bomb exploded prematurely near the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London, killing the young French anarchist who carried it. Was it meant to destroy the observatory? Conrad thought so. The building housed a clock that defined Greenwich Mean Time, the standard time for the nation and, since 1884, the baseline for the entire world – as a symbol of industrialisation and government reach it would have been a tempting target. The evidence is circumstantial, but it was strong enough to fuel his 1907 novel, in which a porn-shop owner and secret government agent named Adolf Verloc is caught up in an anarchist terror plot.
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--Marshal Zeringue