Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Five top books that mix science and fantasy

J. Patrick Black is the author of Ninth City Burning. At Tor.com he tagged five "stories with a cocktail of science fiction and fantasy," including:
Perdido Street Station by China MiƩville

China MiĆ©ville’s introduction to the fictional world of Bas-Lag features a setting so deeply and diversely drawn that it might arguably be called the novel’s main character. The city of New Crobuzon is a sprawling megalopolis teeming with the weird and fantastical, a place where magic and steampunk-like technology exist side-by-side with inter-dimensional alien minds and artificial intelligences. The plot takes on everything from art to government corruption to organized crime, a story as psychedelically panoramic as the city in which it takes place, a world that imagines all manner of weirdness and somehow finds a place for it all.
Read about another entry on the list.

Perdido Street Station is among Matthew Kressel's five favorite "fantasy novels with fantastic, awe-inspiring settings" and Willow Palecek's five top fantastic cities.

--Marshal Zeringue