Friday, January 19, 2018

Ellie Alexander's "Another One Bites the Crust," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Another One Bites the Crust: A Bakeshop Mystery (Volume 7) by Ellie Alexander.

The entry begins:
One of my favorite things about writing a series is getting to develop the characters over time. Not just the lead heroine, but also the supporting cast. In the 7th installment of the Bakeshop Mysteries, Another One Bites the Crust, one of the secondary characters, Lance, gets to take center stage. Lance is the artistic director at my fictional version of the real-life Oregon Shakespeare Festival in the charming hamlet of Ashland, Oregon. Lance has a penchant for dramatics. He and Juliet (aka Jules) have become fast friends and sleuthing partners over the course of the series. He tends to take a flippant approach to murder. However, in this book that changes when he becomes the prime suspect.

Jules and Lance have such a natural rapport and witty chemistry that I would love to see them fleshed out on the screen.

In my mind Lance can be played by none other than Robbie Williams. He’s debonair, devilishly handsome, impish, a singer (why yes, of course he would belt out Oklahoma at random), and can pull off an ascot. He and Jennifer...[read on]
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