Saturday, December 17, 2016

What is R.M. Meluch reading?

Featured at Writers Read: R.M. Meluch, author of Jerusalem Fire.

Her entry begins:
Right now, I'm reading Terry Prachett. He makes me laugh my ass off, and his is such a singular voice I don't need to worry about subconscious...[read on]
About Jerusalem Fire, from the publisher:
Does Jerusalem Stand?

It was the question all human star travelers asked one another. The ancient city of Jerusalem, holy to three human religions, had become the touchstone for anyone not yet absorbed into the Na’id Empire, under its twin banner of Galactic Dominion/Human Supremacy.


A planet out of myth, whose very existence could bring down an empire.


The captain was a notorious rebel runner. To most of the known galaxy hewas a legend without a face, to the rest, a face without a name. He was called Alihahd. “He left.” It was the word Na’id enforcers heard when they demanded to know where the rebel had gone—always one step ahead—as if he knew his enemy very well. Hero, villain, coward. Three times a legend on both sides of the same war.
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