Thursday, December 22, 2016

What is Elizabeth Gunn reading?

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Elizabeth Gunn, author of Denny's Law.

Her entry begins:
Three things, as usual. I like to have one big ongoing project, and right now it’s the Library of America’s four-volume set called “The Civil War, told by those who lived it.” Beautifully produced, as always, a pleasure to the hand and eye as well as the brain. I’m near the end of volume one. It’s a...[read on]
About Denny's Law, from the publisher:
A murder leads Sarah Burke to investigate a money-laundering ring with connections extending far beyond Tucson – but does the key to solving the case lie closer to home than she realises?

The murder of a man seen fighting in a house during a Fourth of July street parade plunges Sarah Burke's whole household – her fragile mother Aggie, shrewd and ever-helpful live-in boyfriend Will and even her hard-charging niece, Denny – into her latest case.

The investigation leads to a money-laundering ring with international connections, and Sarah and her smart, hard-working crew of detectives must follow the puzzle, set against the backdrop of Tucson's unique character – an ancient, beautiful valley with a polyglot ethnic community and a bilingual, modern city – without knowing where it might take them. Could the answers lie closer to home than she realises?
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