Saturday, July 09, 2016

Twelve novel adaptations that Hollywood should take another shot at

At io9 Andrew Liptak tagged twelve novels that deserve better adaptations than Hollywood produced, including:
Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game, despite the controversy over Orson Scott Card’s political views, is one of the genre’s best-known novels, and it was a film that was stuck in development hell for decades. When the technology to film the complicated battle room scenes became practical, the result was an adaptation that was fairly faithful to the book, but that lacked all of its intensity.

After watching it, I felt like it was the best that we’d ever get, but after so many years of waiting, it felt deflated. We never quite feel the intensity of the training and how Ender was utterly broken by the end of it.

If we could get another version of this? Stick with Ender’s Game as a characters story, rather than getting caught up in the CGI fest that the movie ultimately became.
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--Marshal Zeringue