Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Five top books that find beauty in the apocalypse

Sam Reader is a writer and conventions editor for The Geek Initiative. He also writes literary criticism and reviews at strangelibrary.com. One of his five "books that give us hope that our apocalyptic future will, at least, be beautiful," as shared at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog:
Night of the Animals, by Bill Broun

Night of the Animals may take place in an oppressive dystopia where the newly restored King of England rules with an iron fist and a suicide cult runs rampant as a comet looms in the sky, but it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing end-of-everything scenarios I’ve ever encountered. Broun uses bold color, light, and contrast choices paired with vivid descriptions to create a book that feels utterly, gorgeously magical, even when depicting citywide riots, or a standoff between the King’s forces and the hero in the middle of the London Zoo. Add a bunch of hallucinatory sequences involving possibly magic animals, and the result is a pretty, pretty apocalyptic dystopian fantasia that stays with you long after the book’s close.
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--Marshal Zeringue