Friday, July 08, 2016

Top ten novels about deranged killers

Chet Williamson has written horror, science fiction, and suspense since 1981. Among his novels are Second Chance, Hunters, Defenders of the Faith, Ash Wednesday, Reign, Dreamthorp, and the recently released Psycho Sanitarium, an authorized sequel to Robert Bloch's classic Psycho.

One of Williamson's ten top novels about deranged killers, as shared at the Guardian:
Paris Trout by Pete Dexter (1988)

The titular character of Dexter’s novel is a respected white businessman in Georgia after the second world war, who murders a 14-year-old black girl. The book is made up of his descent into murderous madness and the deterioration of his relationships with his wife and the members of the community. It ends in a blaze of violence that leaves the reader exhausted.
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--Marshal Zeringue