Friday, July 22, 2016

Five top urban fantasy series about policing the supernatural

Melissa F. Olson is the author of six Old World novels for 47North as well as the upcoming novella Nightshades. One entry on her list of "five urban fantasy series where partners in an actual government agency have to deal with otherworldly threats," as shared at
The Nathaniel Cade Series by Chris Farnsworth

A powerful vampire swears a blood oath to the office of the President, and has to work with a very young and very green White House employee to fight supernatural threats. I read Blood Oath, the first book in Christopher Farnsworth’s President’s Vampire trilogy, in between the idea for Nightshades and actually writing it, and thank goodness. Blood Oath and its sequels (please more books, Chris?) are the gold standard for how to do third person, procedural UF with plenty of action and intrigue.
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The Page 69 Test: Blood Oath.

--Marshal Zeringue