Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What is Brooke Johnson reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Brooke Johnson, author of The Brass Giant.

Her entry begins:
I have a few different books cycling through my currently reading pile, and several more sitting on my nightstand waiting to be cracked open.

The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland — I’ve grown to love Norse Mythology over the years, fascinated by the brief glimpses into Nordic and Viking culture that I’ve gathered from history, other books, films, and even artwork. But I’ve never actually read any of the Norse tales. I’ve been reading through this book for a few years now, reading a story or two when the mood strikes. It’s written in that very mythological, almost biblical way that doesn’t always make for the most engaging read. The stories are interesting though, and I’ve found that my favorites are the ones involving...[read on]
About The Brass Giant, from the publisher:
Sometimes, even the most unlikely person can change the world

Seventeen-year-old Petra Wade, self-taught clockwork engineer, wants nothing more than to become a certified member of the Guild, an impossible dream for a lowly shop girl. Still, she refuses to give up and tinkers with any machine she can get her hands on, in between working and babysitting her foster siblings.

When Emmerich Goss—handsome, privileged, and newly recruited into the Guild—needs help designing a new clockwork system for a top-secret automaton, it seems Petra has finally found the opportunity she's been waiting for. But if her involvement on the project is discovered, Emmerich will be marked for treason, and a far more dire fate will await Petra.

Working together in secret, they build the clockwork giant, but as the deadline for its completion nears, Petra discovers a sinister conspiracy from within the Guild council…and their automaton is just the beginning.
Learn more about the book and author at Brooke Johnson's website.

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