Monday, June 08, 2015

Five top YA novels that feel, more or less, so very possible

One title on Melissa Albert's list of five near-future YA novels set in awesomely altered worlds, as shared on the B & N Teen Blog:
Hit, by Delilah Dawson

Dawson imagines a world in which a fatally indebted United States hands the reins over to financial savior Valor National Bank—which is now using indentured assassins to go after its individual debtors. Patsy is a debtor’s daughter, and to save her mother she agrees to spend five days as a Valor assassin, working her way through a 10-person kill list. She moves through a world suddenly robbed of hospitals and police intervention, in which society is breaking down fast. When her first kill comes with unexpected baggage—the dead man’s intriguing son, who becomes her unwitting partner in survival and crime—her deadly task becomes even more complicated.
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--Marshal Zeringue