Monday, June 04, 2012

Brian Freeman's "Spilled Blood," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Spilled Blood by Brian Freeman.

The entry begins:
I’ve spent the first few years of my writing career talking with readers about the perfect actors to play my series characters from Immoral, Stripped, Stalked, In the Dark, and The Burying Place. Nothing generates more passionate discussion (or disagreement!) than the idea of finding stars for Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial.

George Clooney as Stride? A lot of readers think so, although he seems a little polished and perfect for Stride in my mind. Stride wears his emotional scars on his sleeve. I’ve always thought Russell Crowe could do the job; he’s got the right combination of toughness and sensitivity.

As for Serena…well, I always said Catherine Zeta-Jones. My wife always said Angie Harmon. So I guess we’ll go with Angie.

But now I have two stand-alones…The Bone House from last year and my newest book, Spilled Blood. It’s a different experience “casting” a stand-alone novel than a series book, because the actor only gets one shot at the role. (Well, unless it’s a huge hit…then you’ll see him over and over in sequels.)

The hero of Spilled Blood is Chris Hawk, a Minneapolis lawyer who comes to the rural lands of southwestern Minnesota to defend his daughter against a murder charge – and gets pulled into a bitter feud between two towns. It’s intense emotional suspense, like my other books, so you need an actor who can bring out the emotional depths of the character. Chris Hawk is a father trying to trust his daughter. He’s an ex-husband trying to re-kindle a spark with his ex-wife. He’s...[read on]
Learn more about the books and author at Brian Freeman's official website and blog.

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