Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beth McMullen's "Spy Mom," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Spy Mom by Beth McMullen.

The entry begins:
I love this question because it’s so fun to play with! Readers email me all the time with suggestions and so many of them are great possibilities I never even thought of.

I have an image of Sally Sin, the main character of the Sin series, in my head but it doesn’t line up nicely with any current Hollywood actors of the appropriate age. And my primary bad guy, Ian Blackford, is a mishmash of all my favorite movie villains over the years with a layer of Pierce...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Beth McMullen's website and Facebook page.

The Page 69 Test: Original Sin.

Writers Read: Beth McMullen (July 2011).

The Page 69 Test: Spy Mom.

My Book, The Movie: Spy Mom.

--Marshal Zeringue