Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is Brett Battles reading?

Today's featured contributor at Writers Read: Brett Battles, author of The Silenced.

His entry begins:
I’m currently reading Blake Crouch’s Run.




Is this good, or what? The only reason I’m not reading it at this very moment is I have to work sometime.

Here’s the set up…what if one day you discover a high percentage of the population has gone crazy, but in an organized, working together kind of way to kill those who aren’t like them? And what if as you’re huddled at home with your family trying to figure out what to do, one of these maniacs is reading off names and addresses over the radio of people who need to be killed, and he reads off your name?

That’s basically the set up for Run. It starts...[read on]
Among the early praise for The Silenced:
"The Silenced, a complex, action-packed international cat and mouse game, will be catnip for thriller readers. Old and new fans will rejoice that Jonathan Quinn is back in the game—sharper, more dangerous, and more human than ever."
—John Lescroart, New York Times best selling author of Damage

"The Silenced is a thriller in every sense of the word, full of double-backs and triple crosses, linked by a story that moves like a fuse and characters the reader genuinely cares about. It's Battles' best book yet."
—Timothy Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty Bangkok thrillers

"A gripping read. The plot grabs you and won't let go. Quinn is as cool as ever."
—Meg Gardiner, author of The Liar's Lullaby

"Action-packed and dripping with tension, Jonathan Quinn is ready to join Gabriel Allon and Mitch Rapp in the pantheon of elite spy thriller characters. Battles is only getting better, and The Silenced is the best Quinn yet."
—Jason Pinter, bestselling author of The Mark and The Fury
Learn more about the book and author at Brett Battles' website and blog.

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