Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is Trish J. MacGregor reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Trish J. MacGregor, author of the new novel, Esperanza.

One book she tagged:
[Biocentrism, by physician Robert Lanza and Bob Berman], a fascinating perspective about how everything in reality originates in the mind, in consciousness. Without consciousness, Lanza contends, there’s nothing. Just a void. He makes a convincing case for his argument, beginning with one of the great Zen koans: “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there, does it make a sound?” From here, he takes us through various theories in quantum physics – what is time? What is space? The mysteries of consciousness – and then all the way to death and beyond. The book is infinitely readable and Lanza has a quirky sense of humor. But more than that, this book has such a human side to it that I just...[read on]
Among the early praise for Esperanza:
"Every time I start reading a scary novel, I tell myself that it can't possibly scare me. Usually, I'm right. But this time I was treated to a deliciously scary, original and just plain wonderful story. I was swept away into a world that I keep telling myself couldn't exist. Or could it?"
--Whitley Streiber, NYT bestselling author of Critical Mass

"Riveting! This book will possess you!"
--Jeff Lindsay, NYT bestselling author of Dexter

"This engrossing thriller is escapist fantasy at its best. MacGregor's visual style immerses readers in the landscape as her characters come alive. The suspense is palpable and the pace relentless as the dread grows. Even those who don't scare easily will find this bone chilling."
--Romantic Times, 4 and 1/2 stars TopPick

"I love a good ghost story, I always have. There’s something about the idea of another world full of spirits and souls watching and wanting to interact with the living that always appeals. The ghosts in ESPERANZA fill the void."
Trish J. MacGregor was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She has always been interested in the hidden, the mysterious, the unseen, and in Esperanza was able to combine this interest with her love of Ecuador.

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Writers Read: Trish J. MacGregor.

--Marshal Zeringue