Friday, May 12, 2017

Six thriller cops in the Dirty Harry mold

At B&N Reads Jeff Somers tagged six fictional "cops who do things according to their own set of rules," including:
Raylan Givens

One of Elmore Leonard’s most famous creations, Givens escaped coal country in Kentucky and became a U.S. Marshall, but finds himself back home after his trigger-happy ways mar his reputation. Givens usually starts off investigations with good intentions, but does tend to shoot a lot of people, and sometimes goes after suspects with the clear intention of killing them. He can be charming, and treats non-criminals with respect, but in classic Dirty Harry tradition, he often finds rules of procedure and basic civil rights only get in the way of meting out justice.
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Pronto is among Allen Barra's six favorite books. Raylan is among Tony Parsons's five favorite Elmore Leonard books.

--Marshal Zeringue