Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Five novels to make you question how well you know your partner

At B&N Reads Jeff Somers tagged five thrillers to make you question how well you know your partner, including:
The Daylight Marriage, by Heidi Pitlor

We’ve all seen those romantic comedies where the beautiful, impossibly charming woman realizes that the quiet, unassuming man is The One, and leaves behind the dashing leading-man type to be with him. Pitlor’s novel is an exploration of what happens after the credits rolled. Hannah is beautiful and smart, and was kind of spoiled by her wealthy parents. When a handsome, rich boyfriend goes sour on her, she impulsively married Lovell—quiet, brainy, and introspective. After two children and more than a decade of marriage, their love has withered into a loveless, sexless, airless relationship. Then one morning Hannah vanishes—and Lovell and their children must face the worst possibilities while wrestling with the bigger issues her disappearance brings into the light. As Lovell tries to hold his family together and deal with his intense feelings, the mystery of what really happened to Hannah spins out with delightful tension.
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--Marshal Zeringue