Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Eight new middle grade novels adults will love too

At the BN Kids blog Charlotte Taylor tagged "eight recent books, a mix of science fiction/fantasy and realistic fiction, that will appeal to adults as well as to their intended [8 to 12-year-old] audiences," including:
The Someday Birds, by Sally J. Pla

Charlie tries to keep his life simple and organized, safe and predictable. But when his dad comes back from Afghanistan badly injured and is sent across the country for medical treatment, his routines are shattered. A stranger, who plopped herself down in Dad’s hospital room and who’s now supposed to be looking after them, is going to drive Charlie, his big sister, and his annoying twin brother across the country to their father. Charlie doesn’t know if he can survive his siblings, or the disgusting bathrooms they encounter on the way. But he has his own mission that gives him strength and patience—he and his Dad had made a list of birds that they someday hoped to see and Charlie is determined to find them on the cross-country drive (even though two are extinct). The quest goes well, and with the help of strangers met along the way, Charlie learns that he is stronger than he realized. It’s a great family story and a fun road trip!
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Coffee with a Canine: Sally J. Pla & Leo.

--Marshal Zeringue