Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Six of the most deceptive marriages in fiction

At the B&N Reads blog Jeff Somers tagged the six most deceptive marriages in fiction, including:
Almost Missed You, by Jessica Strawser

Strawser’s debut novel is one of those perfectly-plotted, fast-paced thrillers that quickly establishes an idyllic life, only to tear it down with gleeful intensity. Violet and her husband Finn were “meant to be.” and are annoyingly happy on their first family vacation with toddler son Bear. Then Finn leaves Violet on the beach, takes Bear, and leaves, without explanation, and forces Violet’s best friend, Caitlin, to assist him with the application of a little blackmail. Violet is sent spinning down a rabbit hole of revelations and secrets that expose her ideal marriage to be much darker and more complex than she could have imagined. If you’ve ever had a moment of happiness in your relationship and wondered how you got to be so lucky, Strawser’s book will make you pause and wonder if maybe you aren’t as happy as you think.
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--Marshal Zeringue