Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Five top unexpectedly romantic novels

At the B&N Reads blog Brian Boone tagged five unexpectedly romantic novels, including:
Stardust, by Neil Gaiman

A master of the dark, the macabre, and the ridiculous, Neil Gaiman is really at heart just an old softy who wants to write timeless fairy tales. And fairy tales are stories made up of equal parts adventure and romance, and Stardust does not disappoint. Plus, the big romantic acts of Stardust that actually happen are different from the ones the characters set out to do. Early on, Victoria, the most beautiful girl in the village of Wall, tells the humble Tristran that she might considered being with him if he completes the impossible task of retrieving for her a fallen star. Well, he totally does, except that the fallen star takes on the human form of a beautiful woman named Yvaine. Together, Tristran and Yvaine fight off all manner of bad guys and witches, and through simple acts of kindness to one another along the way—he builds her a crutch, she enlists the power of magical creatures to help him escape—they fall in love…and accidentally become royalty.
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--Marshal Zeringue