Thursday, September 03, 2015

Five book series conclusions that will rip your heart out

Stephanie Diaz's latest novel is Evolution, the conclusion to her young adult sci-fi series that began with Extraction. For she tagged five "series conclusions that will leave you devastated by the final chapter," including:
Flame, Amy Kathleen Ryan (Sky Chasers Series)

The Sky Chasers series manages to capture the vastness and adventure of a space adventure while also exploring riveting moral questions. In the series, fifteen-year-old Waverly and a group of fellow young women traveling aboard a generation ship from Earth, the Empyrean, are kidnapped by the leaders of a second gen ship dealing with a very serious problem: None of their crew members have been able to conceive offspring. Waverly and the other girls from the Empyrean were all conceived in space, so they should be able to help solve the gen ship’s problem. Of course, it’s the last thing the girls want to do for strangers who’ve just stolen them away from their families. The danger only gets worse for the girls throughout the three installments of the series, finishing with a conclusion in Flame that doesn’t disappoint.
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--Marshal Zeringue