Sunday, September 09, 2012

What is Trish MacGregor reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Trish MacGregor, author of Esperanza and Ghost Key, the first two supernatural thrillers in the Hungry Ghost series.

Her entry begins:
I usually have three or four books that I’m reading at any time. Depending on my mood, I read one at the gym, another at night before I go to bed, another while I’m eating breakfast or lunch.

My book for the gym is W. Bruce Cameron’s novel, A Dog’s Purpose, a delightful story that traces one dog’s spiritual evolution through several lifetimes. As with humans, the dog’s name and circumstances change from life to life. He begins his first life in a litter born in the wild, where he and his litter mates are eventually taken to a chaotic dog rescue place. Here, he’s named Toby and learns how to exist in a fenced area with other rescued dogs. Cameron captures the pecking order in such a situation and does it in a way that instantly pulls you into the emotional texture of Toby’s life. When Toby’s mother escapes from the rescue place, you feel what Toby feels, betrayal, bewilderment, fear. When Toby is attacked by Spike, the local bully, you feel...[read on]
About Ghost Key, from the publisher:
Dominica and her tribe of hungry ghosts were driven from Esperanza, that magical city high in the Andes, but they were not all destroyed. As a last devastating blow against Tess Livingston, Dominica seized Tess’s niece Maddie as a host, and fled to the United States. The evil bruja has settled in a small resort town in Florida and is cementing her power over a new tribe of unquiet dead. But she will not be able to take over Cedar Key, not without arousing the suspicion of the US government. And not without attracting the attention of Wayra, her oldest lover and most bitter enemy.

Passion, terror, blood, and courage abound in this supernatural thriller that will take your breath away.
Learn more about the book and author at Trish J. MacGregor's website.

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