Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five top trilogies

Ken Follett emerged in the book world with Eye of the Needle, an award-winning thriller and international bestseller. After several more successful thrillers, he published The Pillars of the Earth and its long-awaited sequel, World Without End, a national and international bestseller. Follett's new historical epic, The Century Trilogy, opened with the bestselling Fall of Giants which is followed by the newly released Winter of the World.

Follett named his five best trilogies for The Daily Beast. One entry on the list:
The Foundation Trilogy
by Isaac Asimov

“Future history” is now a genre of its own, and Isaac Asimov invented it. I met him in 1979, soon after my first bestseller, Eye of the Needle, was published. Breathlessly, I told him that I had reread his Foundation books several times. He thanked me as graciously as if it was the first time he had heard a fan say that. It was probably the millionth.
Read about another trilogy on the list.

The Foundation Trilogy appears on Orson Scott Card's list of five books sure to get new readers hooked. Foundation is a book that inspired Paul Krugman.

--Marshal Zeringue