Thursday, December 06, 2007

What is Jennifer Ackerman reading?

The latest contributor to Writers Read: Jennifer Ackerman, author of Chance in the House of Fate: A Natural History of Heredity, Notes from the Shore, and the recently released Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream: A Day in the Life of Your Body.

About the new book, from the author's website:
What’s going on in your body as you go through the motions of a day? This book explores the noteworthy new science of your inner world. From waking to walking, stressing out to working out, drinking to dreaming, it investigates the fresh news about the mysteries of exercise, sex, fear, stress, appetite, fatigue, learning, sleep, humor, and the body's circadian rhythms.
Learn more about the book and Jennifer Ackerman's other writing at her website, and discover the new book about which she claims: "Reading [it] is like walking one whole turn of day with a curious and engaging friend, impossibly well read, who asks the questions you wish you'd thought of, and then answers them in lucid, beautiful, playful language: Sun dogs and moon shadows, contrails, the strange story of ozone, the border habitat of twilight, the nature of sunlight and the physics of wind, the myth of Apollo and the story of Phaethon."

Writers Read: Jennifer Ackerman.

--Marshal Zeringue