Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pg. 99: Keet & Manabe's "The Tokyo Look Book"

The current feature at the Page 99 Test: Philomena Keet and Yuri Manabe's The Tokyo Look Book: Stylish to Spectacular, Goth to Gyaru, Sidewalk to Catwalk.

About the book, from the official website:
Come with us on a stroll through Tokyo's fashion neighborhoods and meet the city's trendy teens and twenty-somethings captured as they work and play.

* Hundreds of full-color photographs
* Witty and informative captions
* A broad range of looks: from goth to gyaru, from cosplayer to clubber, from office lady to construction worker, from high fashion to street fashion
* Interviews with some of Tokyo's hottest designers and shop owners

The Tokyo Look Book will appeal to fashion lovers everywhere and to anyone with an interest in Japanese pop culture.
Among the praise for The Tokyo Look Book:
"[W]ith its cheerful format and knowledgeable commentary, this book is sure to catch the eye of young fashionistas around the globe."
--Publishers Weekly

"From Goth to Gyaru, Japan's groundbreaking street fashion is rounded up in The Tokyo Look Book."

"[The Tokyo Look Book] showcases full-color photographs of the stylish set, but also interviews designers such as Naoyuki Ohira and members of the Goth rock band Moi- meme-Moitie."
--Womens Wear Daily

"The beautifully photographed book is notable not only for the great variety of looks it documents, but also for providing insight and background into the root of Tokyo street style and the individuals who constantly reinvent it. "
--Fashion Wire Daily
Philomena Keet is a British anthropologist whose PhD is on Tokyo Street fashion. Yuri Manabe is a Tokyo-based photographer whose distinctive portraits have appeared in a variety of prestigious music and fashion magazines, including Marie Claire, GQ, Rockin' on, Coyote and Switch.

Learn more about the book and its creators at The Tokyo Look Book website, blog, and MySpace page.

The Page 99 Test: The Tokyo Look Book.

--Marshal Zeringue