Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sarah Langan's "The Missing," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Sarah Langan's The Missing.

Part of her entry:
For directors, and we’re talking crazy mad dream here, I love Marty (in my dreams, I call him Marty) Scorsese. He’d handle the violence in the book with honesty, so that it never got campy or gleeful. Also, he understands intelligent women. His actresses fight the camera until it sees things their way, while lesser directors are happy to fill the screen with pretty (boring) smiles. Under his direction, Meg and Fenstad Wintrob’s love would be poignant, and Lois’ bitterness sympathetic. [read on]
About The Missing (Virus in the U.K.), the sequel to last year's The Keeper, from the publisher's website:

A remote and affluent Maine community, Corpus Christi was untouched by the environmental catastrophe that destroyed the neighboring blue-collar town of Bedford. But all that will change in a heartbeat....

The nightmare is awakened when third-grade schoolteacher Lois Larkin takes the children on a field trip to Bedford. There in the abandoned woods, a small, cruel boy unearths an ancient horror — a contagious plague that transforms its victims into something violent, hungry ... and inhuman.

The long, dark night is just beginning. And all hope must die as the contagion feeds — for the malevolence will not rest until it has devoured every living soul in Corpus Christi ... and beyond.

Sarah Langan received her MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University. She studied with Michael Cunningham, Nicholas Christopher, Helen Schulman, and Maureen Howard, among others, all of whom have been instrumental to her work. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Environmental Health Science/Toxicology at New York University.

Learn more about The Missing at Sarah Langan's website.

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