Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pg. 69: Laurel Dewey's "Protector"

The current feature at the Page 69 Test: Laurel Dewey's Protector.

About the book, from the author's website:
[A] gritty, crime thriller with a paranormal edge. Detective Jane Perry has an almost psychic instinct for solving some of Denver, Colorado’s most emotionally jarring homicides. Known as “The Blue Sense” by cops, Jane has learned to keep her intuitive gift low-key. But now that insight has taken on a new, more disturbing twist. Ever since the car bombing and murder of a family Jane and her partner were protecting, she has been plagued with disconnected images that predict events yet to happen. One of Jane’s disturbing visions inexplicably leads to nine-year-old Emily Lawrence. The traumatized child is thought to have witnessed the brutal stabbing death of her parents but is unable to remember anything about that gruesome moment. Jane and Emily form a deep bond, unaware that they share a fateful connection.

When the killer makes a bold attempt on Emily’s life, Jane is chosen as the child’s sole protector. However, Jane’s disturbing visions continue and seem to portend a tragic end to the child’s life. In order to solve this horrific crime, Jane must come face-to-face with her greatest fear in order to save Emily.

Among the praise for Protector:

“This is a first-rate suspense novel. Laurel Dewey is a fresh, exciting voice with a new perspective on the genre and a three-dimensional heroine who is flawed, infuriating, and utterly affecting. Protector is one of the most exciting and moving novels I’ve read in years.”
--Lou Aronica, The Fiction Studio

"The plot is quick and brutal, the characters deep and well-developed. Protector is a must read book for suspense lovers everywhere. Laurel Dewey has crafted a story both touching and riveting." (five stars)

"Laurel Dewey makes an impressive debut with Protector, a gripping thriller that goes far beyond the requirements of the suspense/crime genre to provide penetrating psychological insight into the human condition. She combines her riveting tale with emotionally probing psychological analysis that resonates in the reader long after the case is solved. Dewey’s heroine, Detective Jane Perry, is as real as a fictional character can get. Action filled, spell-binding and even spine-tingling, the plot will seize and hold the attention of any thrill seeker. Dewey’s work is about how to help us all to let go of whatever towrope we’re hanging onto."
--Janet Hamilton, Reviews

"Laurel Dewey has crafted a memorable tale full of mystery and emotion in this debut novel.... (She) spins a fantastic suspense yarn, but this story is driven by the relationship of (the main characters). Protector will tug at your heartstrings as Dewey reminds us of the importance of family and relationships. This is an outstanding beginning to what is sure to be a successful writing career for Laurel Dewey."
--Jake Chism, Armchair Interviews

"Laurel Dewey writes a hard-edged thriller with plenty of mystery and intrigue.... Dewey presents a rough-around-the-edges lead character with real problems and emotional dysfunctions and deftly takes us along on the journey as Jane Perry finds her inner strength, despite her own horrific childhood, to help another child.... Ultimately, it's a story of a woman coming face to face with her own deepest fears, and the ride is a wild one."
--Curled Up With A Good Book

Visit Laurel Dewey's website and The 8th Sense blog, and read an excerpt from Protector.

The Page 69 Test: Protector.

--Marshal Zeringue