Monday, June 25, 2007

"Exit Strategy," the movie

Exit Strategy, the first of Kelley Armstrong's "Nadia Stafford" series, is the current feature at My Book, The Movie.

Armstrong writes:
Ah, the “casting game.” One of the first contests I ran on my website was a fantasy casting for my first novel, Bitten. At the time, Warner Bros had optioned it, and Angelina Jolie was signed to star. The project died in development, but it was fun while it lasted.

One thing I learned from that experience was that any casting choice (even hypothetical!) is bound to be controversial among readers. There were lengthy and heated debates on my discussion board about the suitability of Ms. Jolie to the role. At the time, I avoided any prodding to pick my own choices, but for this new novel, I’m going to have some fun and play the game.

Exit Strategy is a crime novel about a contract killer for the Mob who is persuaded to join a small group of her colleagues tracking down a hitman who appears to have turned serial killer.
Read on for Armstrong's ideas about cast and director.

Learn more about Exit Strategy at Armstrong's website and read the first three chapters online.

No Humans Involved, Armstrong's most recent novel in her "Otherworld" series, hit the New York Times bestseller list this summer.

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--Marshal Zeringue