Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Diane Barnes's "All We Could Still Have," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: All We Could Still Have: A Novel by Diane Barnes.

The entry begins:
So many early readers have told me All We Could Still Have would make a must-see Netflix/Apple series because of the characters, twists and turns of the plot, and the setting in a small, mountain town. So Reese, if you’re reading this, please make my dream come true. I’ll even help out by making casting suggestions.

Nikki Sebastian, the protagonist, is a woman having trouble trying to conceive. She believes everyone is judging/talking about her because she has no kids. I’ve seen lots of headlines suggesting your Morning Show co-star Jennifer Aniston could really relate to Nikki. So, I think Jennifer would do her justice. Based on physical appearance, Rose Byrne or Natalie Portman would also make great Nikkis.

Nikki’s husband Kyle is a handsome, hard-working New England guy, just like...[read on]
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