Sunday, May 14, 2023

What is Verlin Darrow reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Verlin Darrow, author of Murder for Liar.

His entry begins:
Lately, I've been revisiting a few of my favorite authors, both because I've forgotten some of their work enough to enjoy them again, and because some have continued to turn out novels I haven't read yet. In Donald E. Westlake's case, I'm discovering a trove of early work using various pen names. He was far too prolific for his publisher.

Others include Jonathan Carroll, Thomas Perry, Thomas Berger, and Elmore Leonard. I highly recommend these authors to anyone who hasn't tried them, each for a different reason. Westlake combines character-based humor with twisty crime plots in which...[read on]
About Murder for Liar, from the publisher:
Tom is dangerously close to discovering where his threshold is-the point of no return for his sanity. His encounter with the killer represents one more bizarre hot potato he's forced to juggle instead of filing away neatly. It's not one too many, but what if the next one is? And could all the coincidences that keep happening to Tom be nothing more than that? Could a young woman named Zig-Zag really be an angel? How could a dog lead Tom to one of the most important clues? The questions pile up, much as the murders do.
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Writers Read: Verlin Darrow.

--Marshal Zeringue