Monday, December 27, 2021

Ten top groundbreaking horror novels

Gus Moreno is the author of This Thing Between Us. His stories have appeared in Aurealis, PseudoPod, Bluestem Magazine, LitroNy, the Burnt Tongues anthology, and a bunch of other places that are totally not defunct.

At Publishers Weekly he tagged ten books that "push the boundaries of the genre in terms of what terrifies us, what disturbs us, and what we expect from a horror novel." One title on the list:
The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

My only gripe with people calling Stephen the “Jordan Peele of Horror” is that he’s been doing this kind of work well before Peele’s debut classic, Get Out. But the comparison is apt, and The Only Good Indians is the reason. Four American Indian men go hunting in an undesignated area, starting a chain of events that hunts them down one by one. The effects of this book will be felt for years to come, but what’s so remarkable is its ability to be a social commentary for a general audience and remain a specific American Indian story. Writers looking to explore culture and race in genre would do well to start here.
Read about another entry on the list.

--Marshal Zeringue