Thursday, June 17, 2021

Top ten books about public spaces

Jonathan Lee is an award-winning, internationally bestselling novelist, editor, and screenwriter living in New York. His new novel is The Great Mistake.

Lee's writing has been called “achingly good” in The New Yorker, and The New York Times has stated that “Lee’s prose will shame just about anyone who writes for a living.” According to The Guardian, “Lee dives deep into the minds and hearts of his characters, skillfully shoring up ‘the private moments history so rarely records.’”

At the Guardian Lee tagged ten stories that are "are celebrations of areas where strangers can mingle, think, and be less alone," including:
Jaws by Peter Benchley

Someone really should make a movie out of this book! The power of Jaws lies not in one-note horror but in its consideration of what would actually happen if a great predator laid siege to the public spaces that are the lifeblood of a resort community: the beach and the ocean. Before writing Jaws, Benchley worked as a speechwriter for President Lyndon B Johnson. After it became a bestseller, he spent much of the rest of his life working in shark conservation.
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--Marshal Zeringue