Sunday, June 20, 2021

Seven absent fathers in literature

Katie Yee is a Brooklyn-based writer and the Book Marks associate editor at Lit Hub.

At Lit Hub she tagged seven "stories that start with what might feel like an absence but turn into something else entirely." One title on the list:
Stephen Graham Jones, Mapping the Interior

The hero of Stephan Graham Jones’ terrifically horrifying Mapping the Interior is literally being haunted by his father. It starts one night, when the teenager thinks he sees a shadowy figure in the doorway of his house. It’s not his mother or younger brother, no. It reminds him of his father, a man who died a mysterious death before the family left their reservation. At night, he’s led deeper and deeper into his own house, which seems to shape-shift before his eyes and which forces him to confront a lot of the harsh truths about family.
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--Marshal Zeringue