Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Six riveting tales of ultra-competitive parents

Tracy Dobmeier and Wendy Katzman have been great friends for over 20 years. Their friendship has sustained them through the ups and downs of motherhood, careers, and life’s many curveballs. Their debut novel, Girls with Bright Futures, is a dark, suspenseful journey into the cutthroat world of college admissions. Between the two of them, they have undergraduate degrees from Princeton University and the University of Michigan, a law degree from UC Berkeley, careers in marketing, non-profit leadership and biotechnology law, two husbands, and four kids (three of whom have survived the college admissions process without a single parent landing in jail).

At CrimeReads they tagged six "books featuring parents who claim to want the best for their children, but who somehow convince themselves that their lies, schemes, or worse, are justified in the service of their kids’ bright futures." One title on the list:
The Party by Robyn Harding

A sweet sixteen sleepover in a tony San Francisco home takes a dreadful turn when one party guest is gravely injured. As the truth unspools about what really happened that night, the birthday girl’s parents seek to cover up their own misdeeds in an attempt to protect their seemingly perfect life. But nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.
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Coffee with a Canine: Robyn Harding & Ozzie.

--Marshal Zeringue