Monday, January 18, 2021

Ten climate change novels about endangered & extinct species

Julie Carrick Dalton's debut novel is Waiting for the Night Song.

[Julie Carrick Dalton's top ten works of fiction about climate disaster]

At Electric Lit she tagged ten books that bring "together a wide range of novels from science fiction to literary fiction to romance, all with an eye on how the loss of species affects how we imagine the future of life on planet Earth," including:
The Effort by Claire Holroyde

The Effort imagines an alternate present with mass extinctions caused by climate change and habitat loss. This reality also features a comet on course to collide with Earth and possibly wipe out all species—including humans. As world leaders flee to their bunkers, scientists rise up as heroes who join together to save the planet. The Effort offers a vision for how humanity could avoid an existential crisis with international collaboration while also highlighting the environmental threats created by humans.
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--Marshal Zeringue