Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Six thrillers centered around family relationships

Louise Jensen has sold over a million English language copies of her international #1 psychological thrillers The Sister, The Gift, The Surrogate, The Date and The Family.

At CrimeReads she writes:
The intricacies of family relationships is something that has endlessly fascinated me. The seemingly limitless lengths we go to both to protect our loved ones but also, sometimes, to avoid them. What is it about families that bring out our best and worst sides? Reduce adult children to petulant teenage behavior? Fully grown siblings to bickering and rivalry. And yet, despite our often complex and complicated feelings towards our loved ones there’s a deep, strong bond that isn’t easily broken.
One of the author's six favorite thrillers centered around families:
Sister – Rosamund Lupton

This is a novel that stayed with me long after I’d finished reading. Beatrice (Bee) receives a frantic all in the middle of an ordinary Sunday to tell her that her younger sister, Tess is missing. The story takes the form of a letter, written by Beatrice, to Tess. Bee thought she knew Tess better than anyone but as she uncovers the circumstances surrounding Tess’s disappearance she questions whether she really knew her at all. Can we ever really know someone properly?
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--Marshal Zeringue