Thursday, June 18, 2020

Q&A with Margaux DeRoux

From my Q&A with Margaux DeRoux, author of The Lost Diary of Venice:
How much work does your title do to take readers into the story?

My title, The Lost Diary of Venice, includes several key elements of the story: the book is a dual-narrative, with one plot-line set in Renaissance Venice, the other in modern-day Connecticut, and a diary links both time-periods together. The novel was inspired by a treatise I’d discovered, written by a sixteenth-century artist who was going blind. I’d initially titled the book The Science of Shadows, after a line in his text. My agent and editor, however, both felt that this was a bit too dark, and didn’t convey the romantic qualities of the novel. I agree, and...[read on]
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Q&A with Margaux DeRoux.

--Marshal Zeringue