Monday, December 09, 2019

Top ten Brontë re-tellings

At Read It Forward Lorraine Berry tagged ten Brontë adaptations you need to read, including:
Jane Steele
Lyndsay Faye

If you ever longed for Jane to take revenge against the hateful Mrs. Reed and her awful children, this is the novel for you. Lyndsay Faye reimagines a different character, one who may share Jane’s name, but who approaches life from a different angle. This Jane has also been abused by her aunt, and when Jane is sent away to boarding school, her revenge takes the form of murders. She may be kind to her friends and fiercely loyal, but she also carries with her darkness and secrets. Lyndsay Faye gives voice to those Victorian women who struggled against a culture that spent more time telling them what they couldn’t do than it did offering to them opportunities. How Jane Steele moves through that culture makes for fascinating reading.
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Jane Steele is among Kristian Wilson's seventeen books for Jane Eyre lovers.

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