Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Kylie Brant's "Down the Darkest Road," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Down the Darkest Road by Kylie Brant.

The entry begins:
I recently attended a screen-writing workshop in Vancouver where I learned the difference between concepts suited to movies vs TV. Strong female leads flourish in television and series, I was told, so the small screen is where Down the Darkest Road would fit. While I usually have difficulty visualizing actors to play the parts in my books, I looked up actresses with strawberry-blonde hair and there was Cady Maddix. Well, sure, she goes by the name of Rachel McAdams, but she’d be perfect for my formidable, commitment-phobe US Deputy Marshal. Cady has a dark and damaged past, in some ways reminiscent of McAdams’s tough cop, Ani Bezzerides, on True Detective Season 2. Both are survivors, and their personal journey is fascinating.

Fifteen-year-old Dylan Castle is also a main character in the book. He brings to mind...[read on]
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The Page 69 Test: Down the Darkest Road.

My Book, The Movie: Down the Darkest Road.

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